Shahr Insurance Company


Incorporated under the registration number of 97314 in Tehran Registry Office in May 1993, Shahr Insurance initially started pursuit as department of Asia Insurance; but currently it is the first insurance company among other insurance companies covering damages that along offering particular advantages provides such diverse services as free consultation (for municipality staff) on all areas of insurance, issuing policies on interest-free loans with long-term installments, pursuit of awarding possible damages suffered by the insured and providing new insurance plans based on the type of occupation and needs of the applicants.

Area of Activity

According to its articles of association, this company's activities encompass: acting as an agent of Asia Insurance, issuing all types of policy, giving services to applicants with a priority for the stockholders, and fulfillment of all tasks directly or indirectly relevant to the goals of the company


- Issuing various kinds of policy for automobiles

- Issuing various kinds of fire insurance

- Issuing cargo insurance

- Issuing all types of personal insurance including life insurance, casualty insurance, complementary health insurance, investment insurance, group casualty insurance, etc.

- Issuing various kinds of engineering insurance such as all-risk insurance for electronics, for contractors, for installation, etc.

- Issuing third party insurance and car body insurance for the staff of Tehran Municipality departments and companies commissioned by them respectively at 30 and 20 percent discounts

- Training and empowering of the medical personnel with regard to the analysis of paraclinical health services costs so as to give speed in managing all affairs of the insured and compensation of the incurred expenses


Technical Office: Northeast of  Beyhaqqi Terminal, Argentina sq., Tehran


Tel (Technical office): +9821-88548308-13

Fax (Technical office): +9821-88543653