Tamadon Investment Bank


The Tamadon Investment bank (Private Joint Stock), as the most active source of the country's capital for three consecutive years, chose the Securities and Exchange Organization, with the aim of providing a complete portfolio of financial services to its customers on 21/12/2011 at 422558 at the Registry Office Non-commercial companies and companies of Tehran have been registered and have officially started their activities since 27.12.2011, obtaining a license from the Securities and Exchange Organization. The Export Development Bank of Iran, the City Bank, the Atiehandishan Copper Investment Company and the economic complexes affiliated with these three important economic enterprises are the shareholders of the tamadon investment bank

Areas of Activity

Regarding its articles of association, this company is active in the following fields:

  • Subscription, fulfillment of subscription and purchase of securities for other parties
  • Provision of consultation in these areas: the optimal method and proper timing for supply of securities, methods and proposals for timing of securities supply, pricing of securities, registration of securities and acquisition of the permit for their supply, the process of disposition of securities, acceptance of issuer's securities in each market
  • All risk management services
  • Preparation of companies for rating performed by credit rating firms
  • Investment services
  • Brokering, dealership, portfolio management and market-making
  • Investment by excess financial resources as depositing in banks and well-known financial and credit institutions, and by securities endorsed by the government or banks
  • Gaining support of banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions for subscription of securities
  • Fulfillment of financial and economic feasibility studies as well as presenting relevant reports and supervision of operations compatibility and proper application of projects resources


A. Financing Services

  • Financing on the basis of debt (all types of Islamic financial instruments such as sukuk)
  • Financing on the basis of capital (increase in capital and ...)
  • Financing projects
  • International financing
  • Fulfillment of subscription and market-making services
  • Endorsement of securities
  • Marketing and sales of securities

B. Financial Advisory

  • Financial consultation and economic analysis
  • Valuation services
  • Financial engineering
  • Commercialization of intellectual properties

C. Asset Management Services

  • Establishment and setup of mutual funds
  • Specialized portfolio management
  • Market-making of securities
  • Brokering services
  • Investment advisory
  • Financial information processing
  • Management of mutual funds


Headquarters address: Argentina Square, Bayahi Blvd, West 14th street, No. 6

Tel: 0098-21-88171794

Fax: +9821- 88171796