At a glance

In today's world, the particular role of monetary and financial institutions in macro-economy in countries and its function in economic development is obviously clear to all. Dynamic and innovation in financial and monetary markets and banking systems in particular has also been effective in the consistent advancement in many countries; thus countries which have been able to make further development in their financial and monetary systems have gained a higher status in the international economy and finance. It goes without saying that, due to the particular geopolitical location of Iran and the emphasis made by the Supreme Leader on the Resistive Economy and all domestic potentials and capacities employed for economic improvements, Iranian economy needs advancement in all areas of the financial and monetary system, as the major basis for permanent development. In line with this, Bank Shahr has made all its efforts to effectively contribute to fulfillment of the national economic objectives via attainment of international banking standards, innovation, and promoting state-of-the-art tools and instruments in economy and finance in the country. Rapid expansion of the activities of this bank in recent years as well as taking up an active role in various areas of economy has undoubtedly resulted from such efforts. To keep up the pace of progress for this bank together with promotion of its status in the national banking industry has more than ever called for completion of its financial services. To do this, and to expand the chain of the financial services given by Bank Shahr, Rasta Economic Development Group (Shahr Financial Group), principally considered to be the powerful hand of the bank working primarily in other financial capacities, was established in November 2012 with the nominal capital of IRR 1,000 Billion as a Private Joint Stock, (PJS) company under the registration number of 432077 as a wholly owned subsidury of Bank Shahr. In addition to expansion of the bank's services, Shahr Financial Group on the basis of its experts' knowledge and ideas, intends to extend its services to such a variety of areas as financing, leasing, brokering, currency services, investment, investment advisory, insurance, tourism, and accreditation???? not only to surpass other banks' financial groups but also to set Bank Shahr as an example of a world-class bank working in conformity with international standards.